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How it all started

Working as a qualified IT engineer, Yusuf began to realise that he wasn’t as interested in the whole “do this then that” rigid side of IT and found himself spending more time exploring the dynamic workings of the internet. Specifically how people and businesses were using it to interact with each other from different parts of the world. On top of that, Yusuf no longer wanted to be stuck in a 9 – 5 working for a boss, he decided to start his own business.

In his early 20s, he contacted a manufacturer in China using the internet and imported a few sets of mag wheels using the money he had saved from working.

The business took off, the sales were coming in and the number of wheel shipments grew. Unfortunately Yusuf was still very naïve when it came to business. One day a sales rep from one of the formerly most popular internet service providers came out to see him to discuss setting up a website and running a digital advertising campaign. Steamrolled by an extremely persuasive salesman, Yusuf unwittingly signed a ridiculously expensive 2 year contract. Which would include a 1 page “professionally built website” (They just scanned one of his brochures and stuck it up on the internet as a website) and a few banner ads. The result of this digital campaign: 1 phone call, 2 email enquiries, 0 sales over 2 years and monthly payments to this company that exceeded his car installments.

The excessive payments meant it wouldn’t be viable to bring in future shipments, resulting in him having to close down his business. Yusuf’s lack of knowledge in how to effectively establish a presence and market on the internet, which played a major role in shutting down his business, was the driving factor in his decision to master digital marketing.

Rather than go back to university to learn theory, Yusuf tracked down some of the digital industries elite marketers in the US and invested everything he had to get private mentoring from them.

The private mentoring proved invaluable, the knowledge gained has resulted in Yusuf owning numerous online properties that not only rank at the top of the search engines globally for keywords that get thousands of searches monthly, but also pulls in consistent visitors from the various social platforms.

Yusuf started YGSC to help other businesses in South Africa benefit from his online knowledge and success by helping them to increase their online presence and revenue. And to avoid being stuck in a long term contract that doesn’t get them any results. Every business is unique, so rather than apply standard marketing templates like some other agencies, Yusuf devises custom strategies from the ground up to suit the needs of each business owner and ensure profitable returns.

The digital marketing landscape changes every month, so to stay ahead of the industry, Yusuf continues to be a part of some of the top closed marketing groups in the world where they continue to refine strategies and test changes in the digital marketing industry. Usually the only thing that can pull him out of his work is his deep love of rugby.


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