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I grow your online presence and revenue with sustainable SEO!

Increase Your Revenue

The resulting increase in visitors to your website means more leads, sales and profits for your business.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Beat out your competition by being on the first page of Google and enjoy the lion’s share of the market.

Become the Leader in Your Industry

Be seen as the authority in your industry as I grow your online presence and visibility.

Long-Term Rankings

Google is constantly changing how websites rank in their search engine. What works today may get you penalised tomorrow. I belong to private groups consisting of some of the best SEO’s in the world where we constantly test and discuss ways to improve my client’s results and ensure that I stay ahead of any Google updates.

Prioritizing Your Success

Ultimately my success is dependent on yours. SEO is a long term strategy, so I focus on getting you a great ROI to ensure our business relationship continues well into the future.

Month to Month Contracts

I don’t hold you prisoner to long unwanted contracts. Instead, I earn your business every month by producing sustainable results. Why should you be locked into a contract if a company isn’t performing?

Exclusive Service

You aren’t just another number. I only work with a limited number of clients to ensure maximum care and attention to detail is given to your business. My best resources are at your disposal.

Personalised Pricing

I understand that your business is unique. SEO is not a one size fits all solution, so it would be dishonest to charge a standard rate. I painstakingly analyse your current situation and draw up a unique quotation that ensures maximum ROI for your business without compromising the high quality of my service.

Stay Informed

I provide you with monthly reports with important news and ranking updates to ensure that you are always aware of your online position.


I belong to private groups consisting of some of the world’s best SEO’s, where we are constantly discussing and testing changes in the industry, new strategies and how to effectively get the best results for our clients. There is no guarantee that what is working today, will work tomorrow. So it is crucial that I remain at the forefront of our industry to keep you ahead of your competitors.


When you choose YGSC, you choose a search engine optimisation agency that you can trust with your brand. I understand how integral your website and digital marketing are to your business and that’s why I work tirelessly to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the end result. I focus on creating solutions that work for your business. Your satisfaction and ROI is my number one concern.


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Offering the best Sandton based SEO services

The digital landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years. Long gone are the days when businesses could continue to employ traditional methods of advertising and see measurable results.

Even though some of the older methods are still applicable, search engine optimisation seems to have taken centre stage in Sandton as more businesses wake up to the realisation that SEO not only provides one of the best ROI’s, but also increases brand recognition and trust.

As South Africa dives deeper into the digital age, having a strong SEO foundation is critical to successfully implementing other forms of digital marketing which will lead to a strong online presence.

If you are still unsure of whether or not you should adopt SEO practices, you need to remember that you and your company are in danger of being left behind as your competitors jump on the SEO bandwagon and acquire the most valuable internet real estate – Google’s first page of search results.

In terms of hiring top SEO companies who service the Sandton area, you will be surprised at just how many benefits these digital marketing agencies have to offer your business. Some of the most important ones are as follows:


Increased traffic to your website

It might very well be the case that you have tried several other methods previously but have failed to witness any significant increases in traffic being directed to your website. But with the help of a good Sandton SEO company, everything is bound to change in a big way. Thanks to the appropriate set of keywords being developed specifically for your website, it will help in attracting your desired client base. This is much more effective to the previous methods of generalising your customer segment. In this way, a greater amount of highly targeted traffic would be directed to your website. This in turn would lead to a massive increase in revenue for your business.


Return on investment

Just like any strategy you implement for your company, you would like to see a return on investment if you decide to utilise a Sandton based SEO agency. After all, if there is no return for your investment, it wouldn’t be a wise or feasible option. Surprisingly, search engine optimisation is ranked as one of the strategies that ensures the highest possible ROI. Starting with choosing the right set of keywords to increase traffic and conversions, top rated SEO companies work tirelessly to optimise your online presence to ensure that your business is in front of the right audience.



Search engine optimization is considered to be one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies that you should be implementing. This is because the best SEO companies will implement a custom strategy that will ensure that the entire cost of the ranking service is spread out over a wider yet targeted audience base.


The 24 hour salesman

Although traditional paid advertising has its merits, the moment you stop a campaign the leads, customers and sales also stops. A successful search engine marketing campaign will ensure that even while you sleep, people searching for your products or services are landing on your website.


Authority and credibility

Ranking at the top of Google brings with it the additional benefit of establishing your business as the leading authority in your industry in the hearts and minds of your clients. As most people are completely unaware that search engine optimisation even exists, they naturally assume that the best and most trustworthy companies are the ones appearing at the top of search engine results.


These are just some of the major benefits of working with a top SEO agency who services Sandton. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, fill out our quick discovery form to find out exactly how we can help you in implementing the correct SEO plan for your company to ensure maximum ROI. While we would love to help everybody, we only work with a limited number of clients to ensure that all our efforts are utilised in helping them achieve the best results.

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