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Google Ad Management Services

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Attention: Small Business Owner

Are you falling behind your competitors?

And are you looking for ways to get more customers fast?

As the competition in your industry gets more intense, it becomes harder to get new clients.

You may indeed have more experience and offer a better service to your customers than other competing firms, but this doesn’t mean it’s easy for you.

Here’s the problem…

Word of mouth referrals aren’t enough anymore, nor will any old promotional strategy work.

So why do your leading competitors have such a strong presence?

And it’s no coincidence that even some newly opened companies are enjoying success.

The reason is…

Your advertising is ineffective, and it’s not your fault.

Your client base evolves more every day, which means the way they look for local businesses has as well.

Although traditional forms of advertising still work, customers prefer going online nowadays because it gives them a wider range of options with just one click.

If you aren’t marketing your business online, chances are that your competition is making bank while they watch you struggle.

In fact, at least 85% of clients search online for local service providers.

You’re missing out on many clients if you don’t take advantage of digital marketing.

Your competitors are reaping the benefits while you’re losing everything!

Here’s the Solution

When it comes to online searching, Google is king.

Your competitors and most successful local business owners know this.

That’s why they are taking advantage of the power that comes with using Google Search Ads (or PPC advertising as it’s also known) to grow their companies today.

You need to be doing the same for your company to not only stay afloat – but also thrive tomorrow!

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I help you grow your client base and revenue with highly profitable, fully managed Google search ads that give you the edge over your competitors.

Do you want to outperform your competitors even if they have bigger advertising budgets?

Do you want maximum visibility in Google whenever a potential client is searching for your services?

And do you want to lower your advertising costs while acquiring new clients consistently?

If so, then let me show how my Google ads management service will help accomplish these things.

Daily Campaign Monitoring & Optimization

“Keeping you ahead of the advertising game to ensure maximum profit”

    For years, some marketing agencies have been getting away with setting up a PPC campaign and letting them run without ever worrying about making it better.

    This is a big mistake because they’re not doing their best for the client, which means companies waste time and money on subpar ad campaigns.

    It’s especially problematic for small businesses that need a steadier stream of traffic and conversions to succeed.

      After all, practice makes perfect, and the more time you invest in an activity, the more progress you’ll make.

        Without regular monitoring and optimisation, your ad spend is being wasted away on inefficient campaigns. This has a detrimental effect on the success of future advertising efforts.

          Maximise Your Campaign Efficiency

          I’ll be working hard to make your paid advertising campaign better and more efficient every day.

          Eventually, it’ll reach a point where there’s no way for me to improve the efficiency of these campaigns daily because they’ve reached an optimal state

          -making my job easier and your results even better!


          Daily addition of negative keywords (searches that are irrelevant to your business)


          Monitoring converting keywords (searches that bring you new leads)


          Creating new ads for every converting keyword


          Testing ad copy


          Getting rid of keywords that don’t convert

          Doing so will reduce your costs by blocking irrelevant searches while making your ads more targeted to the searches that matter most and convert best for you.

            These tasks are vital in the first few months of building a Google ads campaign.

            Otherwise, you’ll be wasting money on “useless” clicks and visitors who never lead to conversion goals since they’re not properly directed with solid targeting done right!

            Get more clients than ever before with a Google ads campaign that works better for you

            Finding the Perfect Keywords for your business


            The secret to getting in front of thousands of potential clients every month


            Your initial keyword choices can make or break your ad campaign.

            Unfortunately, when doing it yourself or working with an inexperienced agency, you’re probably only getting a small handful of keywords to start your ad campaigns.

            These keywords are often highly competitive as they’re common keywords all your competitors are using.
            This means you’re getting limited exposure to potential clients and higher ad costs.

            Locking your ads to a handful of keywords is like tying yourself in knots when there are possibly dozens of additional viable keywords that you should be using to get more clients.

            So why settle for only a few?

            I compile a comprehensive list of keywords potential clients are using to find your services.


            All the popular keywords your top competitors are using

            & numerous hidden gems that they don’t even know exist!

            If you want to get noticed and seen in the fast-paced world of Google Ads, here’s where it all starts.

            This more extensive keyword selection will help your ads stand out from the competition like never before, plus an exclusive monopoly on profitable hidden keywords!

            High-Quality Ads & Campaigns


            “Making your Google ads work harder to win you more customers for less cost”

            Low-quality ads = lower number of clicks.
            This results in higher ad costs and fewer conversions.
            So it’s no secret that high-quality ads work better than low-quality ones.

            I’m finding keywords that convert and crafting compelling ads explicitly tailored towards those keywords with my service. It doesn’t stop at just one conversion, though- we want as many conversions as possible from every Google ads campaign because they’re all bringing revenue into your business!

            By targeting converting keywords, you can better advertise to potential clients who are searching for your services. This ensures that they will be more likely to click on the ad and convert into a client!

            An additional benefit is it will improve your Quality Score. Improving it by just a little bit can be hugely beneficial to you in multiple ways, such as getting more visibility and lowering ad costs!

            With my Google Ads Service, you’ll also discover the following:


            How this one hidden setting minimises wasted ad spend from day one

            Why daily negative keyword refinement results in fewer wasted impressions, fewer irrelevant clicks, and increased conversion rates

            How correctly setting up your Google ad campaign helps you easily scale as your profit grows

            No contracts so you can experience the powerful features of Google Ads without any long-term risk

            Take advantage of existing demand to get ahead of your competitors and in front of clients

            Avoid wasting your valuable ad budget by only paying for relevant clicks from people who are in your areas of operation and actively looking for the service you offer

            How conversion tracking leads to profitable campaigns by keeping you informed of the exact search keywords that resulted in a new lead

            Experience ads that resonate with your target market

            Convenient 100% A – Z setup & management giving you the freedom to focus on running your business while benefiting from profitable Google Ad campaigns

            You retain 100% ownership of your Google Ad account to prevent the danger of losing invaluable campaign data should you wish to go it alone or change providers

            Safe & secure ad account practices to safeguard you from giving out your login details or the risk of running your ad spend through somebody else’s ad account

            I’m readily available via phone, WhatsApp, and email for your complete peace of mind and convenience

            NO outsourcing to ensure high-quality and strict security of your account is maintained throughout the service



            “The best part of my google ad service: it’s going to pay for itself”

            The best way to get more clients is through a good old-fashioned Google Ad.

            Every day, more business owners are realising that and trying it themselves too. Leading to increased competition which will eventually increase the costs of ads over time, making them less accessible for those who come on board too late!

            The best part of my google ad service: it’s going to pay for itself!

            My Google Ad services are all about optimising and improving your campaigns so that it eventually pays for itself.

            The ultimate goal is to make money from new clients generated by Google Ads, covering the cost of my service and any ad spend you have each month.

            This way, you’ll get all the benefits without having to pay anything extra!

            Why struggle to bring in new clients when you could get a steady stream of them every month? I’m confident it will work for your business. That’s why I’ve made getting started risk-free and as easy as possible because we all need that extra boost now and then!

            Remember, I’m here to help you grow your business.

            I’m actively working on your campaigns to improve their efficiency and ensure your success.
            So if you’re not benefiting from highly profitable Google ads, I don’t want your money. That’s why I want you to succeed online so that both of us can make more money!

            Google Ads Management

            R4 800 / month

            • Full Account Setup
            • In-Depth Keyword Research
            • Campaign Creation
            • High-Quality Ads
            • Daily Optimization & Management
            • Month-to-Month (No Contracts)

            The campaign management process is not easy, but with the help of an experienced Google ad specialist, you can be assured that your campaigns are managed efficiently and quickly.

            With a full-time dedicated professional managing all aspects of your Google ads, it’s guaranteed to produce maximum results for less money than hiring an inexperienced junior to do it in-house!

            Premium Bonuses

            Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

            If you sign up for my services today:

            I provide an excellent service to you and your business needs, and these fantastic bonuses worth more than the price of signing up.

            BONUS #1

            12 Month Low-Price Lock


            Monthly retainers are usually a set fee based on the client’s ad budget.

            Some agencies will encourage their clients to increase their advertising budgets. They do so because it means they can charge more for services and create an illusion of success from increased click-throughs without necessarily being profitable.

            With my service, you’re locked in at the lowest price of R2800/month for an entire year, no matter your budget.

            Ensuring that your campaigns are profitable before scaling and saving you money in the process!

            BONUS #2

            VIP Priority on All Services


            As I’m sure you’re aware, only a handful of spots are opened every month for each of my services.
            As one of my valued clients, you’ll skip the waiting list and enjoy priority access when new openings arise.
            You also get special client-only discounts and specials.

            BONUS #3
            Branded Social Media and Ad Images


            Not having professional social media images can really hurt your business.

            Poor quality photos will make you look amateurish, resulting in fewer conversions.

            A lack of professional branding for all the important social channels could cause an overall decline in revenue over time as customers become less likely to trust what they see from your company.

            I’m creating a set of professional images to help your brand stand out and give you the perfect head start on social media marketing.


            Save thousands on having to hire a graphic designer


            Avoid amateurish images that reflect poorly on your business


            Enjoy consistent branding across all social media platforms


            Attract and convert more clients with professional ad images

            Ready for a Google Ads service to increase your ROI & help grow your business.?


            We live in a competitive world.

            Every business needs to work hard at bringing new clients consistently into their doors! And this is where I come in, making it easy and risk-free for you to get started today on your own journey of attracting more customers than ever before.

            So if you need more clients and if you want to make more money, I can help.

            I’m fully booked at the moment. Please get in touch below.




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