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Small Business Website Design

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Attention: Small Business Owner

Do you want to outperform your competitors with a marketing-ready website that pulls in new clients?

You know what your clients want.

And your business should be thriving because you know there is a demand for your services.
Why are you finding it challenging to maintain a consistent stream of new clients?

Here’s the problem…

Today, everybody is online.
When looking for a local service, they don’t have to flip through the Sunday paper or open up the phone book to find a good provider. Instead, they “Google” it.

This is why traditional marketing has lost much of its power in recent years.

It’s far quicker, easier, and a whole lot more convenient for your clients to search online for local services.

And if you’re not visible when they’re searching, they’ll choose one of your competitors instead because they don’t even know you exist.

If you don’t have an online presence, your business will struggle to survive.

You need to get connected online. This is the best way to make sure your business will thrive and survive in this tech-savvy world.

In the past, people could get by without a website; now, it’s essential.

However, it isn’t enough to simply have any old website.
It’s 2021.

Your website is your window to the world. A high-quality site will reflect favorably on you and encourage potential clients to stick around. At the same time, a shoddy design can end up making them leave and look for another business.

A poor-quality website will not convert visitors into paying clients, and that’s almost as bad as not having a website at all.

A poor-quality website will not convert visitors into paying clients, and that’s almost as bad as not having a website at all.

Here’s the Solution

The solution then is quite apparent.

A professionally designed website will give you the competitive edge to attract potential clients with ease.

But what if I told you even the best design is not enough?

You need a website that does more than just look pretty. Your site needs to convince visitors they can achieve their goals by signing up for your service or buying what you’re selling. That means it has to be informative, persuasive, and engaging all at once!

That’s what my web design service is all about – turning your site into an irresistible instrument of conversion!

Informative, Persuasive, and Engaging all at once!

That’s what my web design service is all about – turning your site into an irresistible instrument of conversion!

happy business owner looking at website sales results on his tablet

I build professional websites that help you level up your business and get more paying clients

Marketing Ready Websites

“websites that convert visitors into leads and sales”

    Many companies that generate a bulk of their revenue from web design will incentivize you to settle for an over-used website template better suited to selling products. Because mass-producing these websites require less work and allow the design company to increase their turnover rate.

    You know this is a bad idea because it’s easy to sell a product based on its visuals and technical specs. However, when choosing from numerous service providers, more factors are involved that make the decision difficult for the customer.

    Such as:

      • quality of the service
      • fulfillment
      • scheduling
      • time-needed
      • compliance
      • workers
      • company experience
      • etc
      A visual representation of a potential customer's thought process when choosing a local business service

      The Problem With Using Generic Website Templates

      They are not marketing-ready.

      No thought or planning goes into ensuring your website is a winning tool for attracting more clients.

      It’s just a few images sprinkled with pieces of general information about your business and services.

      So when marketing your website and services, you’re getting fewer clients than you should.

      Leaving you with two options.


      Carry on doing things the same way and hope that the results will improve in time. This is probably a risky approach because nothing has changed yet, so there’s no guarantee that anything new might happen. If something does change, it could lead to worse outcomes.


      Invest even more time and money into upgrading your website to make it a better, more efficient platform for getting clients. If this sounds like something that might interest you, then read on!

      I’m not a web developer or skilled visual designer. This is where my marketing-based approach to building your website comes into play because its primary goal will be getting you more clients and leads.

      Every element on your website is designed to drive traffic and lure them into becoming paying customers. The design, copy, images all play their part in nudging visitors down the sales path until they’re so close that it feels like there’s no turning back.

      Yes, I’ll make your website look awesome. But remember: Its main priority is to sell! Not win design awards.

      Your marketing-ready website will:

      Give you an edge over your competitors because it will be more appealing to potential customers

      Be more efficient, ensuring you’re always ready for promotion and marketing opportunities that arise when they come

      Future-proof your business with eye-catching content so you convert clients faster – helping you maximize profit!

      Research – Crafting the Perfect Service for your visitors


      Imagine if something vital to selling your service is not being communicated?


      As a small business, it isn’t easy standing out from other identical companies doing the same thing. This is why clients look at more than just the end goal when deciding what company to choose.

      They also have smaller objectives that need to be met before making their decision!

      If you don’t know these objectives and communicate them correctly, there’s no way for the client to make an informed choice, and they’ll most likely go with someone else who can.


      If you’re looking to take your service from the mediocre tier and up, I’m here for you.

      I know how to make your service the best it can be.

      I will do exactly that by ensuring you are prominently promoting what potential clients look for most in a service provider.


      Compile important information about your company and services


      Research top-performing companies in your industry worldwide

      Analyze customer feedback from clients who purchase these services

      This gives me a better idea of what is working well in your industry and the essential features clients look for.

      How does this help you?

      Suppose some of these critical features are missing from your service. In that case, you can decide to include them to strengthen your overall offering.

      Get more profound insight into your client base. Maybe the essential features you provide are already there, but they aren’t being communicated in your promotional materials.

      By seeing what matters most to clients, you can create a more enticing service by highlighting what they care about most.

      You’ll never be in danger of losing potential clients to your competitors because you now offer and communicate precisely what they want. Resulting in more business, a stronger reputation, and better results.

      Persuasive Copywriting


      “Maximise your profits with engaging website copy that stands out from the rest and converts more visitors into paying clients”

      I’m sure you’ve seen some of your competitors’ websites.
      The majority of these sites will either have a short, “lazy” description about their services or generic info that looks like it was copied from an encyclopedia – both just to get by.

      Because, for many web design agencies, the speed of completing a website outweighs everything else. This is because they need to service high volumes of clients every month and get their client’s websites looking good ASAP so that there are no delays in business operations or missed deadlines.

      Unfortunately, this often means very little thought (if any) goes into what words go on each page as long as it looks great and loads quickly. This can lead to poorly written content that will not get any visitors or customers interested at all!

      Having your website completed quickly is good, but waiting to get persuasive writing that will convince visitors you’re the best choice is even better.

      Because a few random sentences “here and there” about your services or just very generic info won’t help you get more clients.

      That’s why when creating your website:


      AIDA model visualized as a puzzle
      circular x icon


      I avoid the usual, boring generic info that everybody ignores.

      circular arrow graph icon


      Instead, focusing on proven copywriting and sales techniques to provide written information about your services.

      circular star icon


      Ensuring your visitors understand the value of what you’re selling and are more likely to take action.

      “Get a sales message that resonates with potential customers”

      Unlike those agencies using ready-made templates, I first write sales copy for the site then design it from scratch based on this content.

      Here are some additional benefits you’ll see when you choose my web design service:


      How my modern responsive design will enhance your professionalism

      Logical web navigation to keep your visitors happy and on your website

      Why my marketing-based approach to design helps you get a website that looks good AND gets you more clients

      How my flexible payment options allow you to avoid low-quality options to get a high-quality website without breaking your budget

      No outsourcing – I do 100% of the work to give you complete security and quality assurance. You won’t find me sitting with my feet up and outsourcing the work to freelancers or junior interns

      How a custom-designed website built from the ground up makes you stand out entirely from your competitors

      Single point of contact (me) gives you immediate access without getting sent to different “departments” and excuses to get a simple question or issue resolved

      You’re automatically locked into future discounts and specials on other services you’re interested in



      You’re losing more customers every day to your competitors. So you know the time has come for a brand new website!

      And if you already have one, I can get rid of those pesky problems that are holding it back from bringing in new clients fast enough.

      So why should you choose me over all the other web design agencies?

      To be honest with you…


      • Some of them will do a terrible job
      • And others will do a great job with the design
      • And if they’re using a ready-made template, you’ll get your website built fast

      But stop and ask yourself


      How much thought is going into your design?


      And what about the sales copy?


      Is there a concerted effort to understand your business and services, research your industry and competitors, and apply proven copywriting techniques to help you sell better?


      Or are they simply copy-pasting the information you give them?

      In contrast to some other agencies, my business model is not based on churning out low-quality sites as quickly as possible, just so I can get more and more new clients in the door.

      I never work with more than two clients at any given time because my focus is on each client’s individual needs – I’ll be solely focused on these projects and not a dozen others!

      By being restrictive with the number of clients I work with, you get a more personalized and unique experience.

      I invest a lot of time and effort because my goal is to help your business grow with a profitable website and effective online marketing.

      And to make your decision easier, I’m providing you with flexible payment options that will fit any budget. So there’s no reason why you can’t get the professional website of your dreams – and at a price point within reach for everyone!

      Premium Web Design

      R11 700

      • Fully Customised
      • Marketing-Ready
      • Engaging Copy Writing
      • Perfect Service Crafting
      • Divi Theme
      • Responsive Design

      Payment Plans

      To make your decision easier, I’m providing you with flexible payment options that will fit any budget. So there’s no reason why you can’t get the professional website of your dreams – and at a price point within reach for everyone!

      2 Pay

      R5 850 x 2 Months

      3 Pay

      R3 900 x 3 Months

      4 Pay

      Most Popular

      R2 925 x 4 Months

      And, you’re also getting these high-value, premium bonuses free if you sign up for my web design service today.

      Premium Bonuses

      BONUS #1 – On-Page SEO


      Page 1 of Google. The place every business wants to be and one of the most profitable pieces of digital real estate on the internet. But most businesses will never see this promised land because of poor On-page SEO.

      What is On-page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

      It’s the process of optimising your website structure and content for searches related to your business services to ensure your important web pages rank higher on search engine result pages.

      Google wants to serve its users the most relevant search results. Your website content is one of the factors it uses to determine relevance.

      You deserve better than just standard web design, but I know how hard it is for small businesses like yours to afford top-notch SEO services. That’s why you’re getting the perfect, optimised content to fill your website and a site structure that Google loves as a free bonus.

      When you are eventually ready to invest in SEO to bring in even more clients:
      The crucial on-page content optimisation and site structure are already taken care of, saving you valuable time and money.

      *While it’s possible to hit page 1 in Google with just good On-page SEO, it is unlikely. It depends on whether your competitors are investing in SEO and many other factors.

      BONUS #2 – The Keyword Report


      How many potential clients are searching for your services every month?
      Wouldn’t it be great if you knew the answer?

      Because currently, you’re hoping online marketing will work for your business. You hear it works for others, and you have all the digital marketing agencies (and me) telling you it works.

      But you don’t have any evidence or data to back it up.

      How can you be sure that it works for your specific industry in your area?

      That’s where my Keyword Report comes in handy.

      Keywords are the phrases people are using in Google to search for local services. For example:

      • “Dentist near me”
      • “Plumber in Randburg”
      • “Affordable painter”

      Keywords also have search volume.
      Search volume is the average number of times each keyword is “searched” in Google every month in your city.

      Giving you an excellent indication of how many potential clients are searching for your services online.

      With my Keyword Report:
      You’re getting a list of keywords your potential clients are using to search for your services every month, as well as their respective search volumes.

      Allowing you to:


      Accurately gauge the viability of online marketing for your business


      Get deeper insight into your market


      Take advantage of hidden opportunities


      Find closely related, profitable services you can add in future


      Have a precise keyword list to get started with Google Ads

      BONUS 3
      Branded Social Media and Ad Images


      Low-quality images for your social media profiles and online ads can hurt your business because they make you look amateurish. Resulting in poor conversions.

      With this FREE bonus:
      I’m creating you a starting set of professional images to use for your branding on social media and visual ad campaigns.


      Save thousands on having to hire a graphic designer


      Avoid amateurish images that reflect poorly on your business


      Enjoy consistent branding across all social media platforms to match your new website


      Attract and convert more clients with professional ad images

      Ready to get a professional website that helps you get more clients?


      Click the button below to answer a few quick questions on my Discovery Page so we can proceed.

      Remember, I only work with two new clients every month for my exclusive web design service.
      So if you wait too long, there’s no guarantee that I’ll be available, and I can’t promise that these premium bonuses will be available in the future.

      Let me help you build a business website you can be proud of. One that makes you stand out from your competitors and enables you to generate more clients and revenue.
      I want this web design process to be as enjoyable for us both so together we can create something truly remarkable – let’s get started on building your business website today!

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