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Local SEO that works for your business

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Do you want to sell more of your products and services, but you’re not sure how?

Getting found by customers online is one of the most crucial elements to succeeding as a small business and growing your customer base.

But it can be incredibly hard, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Here’s the problem…

Your business is your livelihood.

Your livelihood depends on getting more people through your door.

If you aren’t consistently getting in new customers and growing your revenue, you’re putting it all at risk.

You know it’s time to take action.

That’s why you’re looking to improve your online presence in Google because of its high customer and revenue generation for small businesses.

It’s the best place on the internet, you hear!

But that’s no easy task in a world where there are millions of businesses trying to do the same thing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to improving your visibility in Google so local customers can find your business.

But how do you even go about creating an effective SEO strategy for digital marketing?

And you certainly don’t have the time to learn the technicalities of it all.

Here’s the Solution

The solution then is to hire an SEO specialist to do the heavy lifting for you.

But the truth is, employing SEO services for small business can be a scary process.

There are so many inexperienced & low-quality providers who don’t know what they’re doing. Sending you $5 spammy links that will destroy your rankings over time and risk being blacklisted by Google.

They’ll just waste your time and money without providing any value for your site or business.

This is why you need to hire an experienced SEO expert who does things right the first time.

Get found by the right people on Google before your competitors do, with my proven local SEO services for small business

On-Page Search Engine Optimisation

Poor on-page optimisation includes:


#1 Under-optimized pages

This is when you don’t know how each keyword should be used in your content.

You may find a bunch of relevant terms and phrases but have no idea how to use them properly to rank well on Google and other search engines.

This makes it hard for you to improve the quality of your content without sacrificing its readability by the human eye (which is what Google ultimately cares about).


#2 Overoptimization

Overloading your content with keywords to garner higher rankings will do more harm than good.

Google’s sophisticated algorithm can easily detect this practice and penalize your site if found guilty.

Get a Holistic Perspective


These small business SEO pitfalls reinforce why you need to work alongside a professional and experienced SEO company like mine.


What works


What doesn’t

How to adjust for optimal performance

My on-page SEO includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Content improvement and optimizing
  • Image optimization
  • Meta tags optimization

As a result of my content optimization, you will have an easier time keeping your visitors engaged.

I don’t just make the text readable – I also optimize its length and clarity to meet Google’s criteria for ranking high in the search results.

Optimal Site Structure for Local Small Business SEO


The lack of a clear and consistent website structure for local business websites is one of the top factors for poor visibility in Google.

If your URLs are poorly structured:

It confuses the search engines and your visitors

It makes the other small business SEO tasks less effective

It’s just inefficient

There are all kinds of conflicting opinions on how to structure your local business website. Some people prefer silo structures, while others like the flat-tree approach.

But the truth is, there is no one right way to do this.

I’ve been using the same silo structure that has worked consistently well for my clients and me over the years. So why change what works?


In addition to creating an optimal URL structure for your website, I’m also:

Implementing schema markup

Resolving major technical faults

Fixing broken links that send web crawlers down the wrong rabbit hole

And any other issue that can potentially hurt your rankings

Google My Business Setup & Optimization

Google My Business is a tool that helps you connect with your customers on Google.

Setting up your business listing means you can:

  • appear in the map listing
  • attract more local customers to your website
  • increase online conversions

Unfortunately, many businesses are not taking advantage of this excellent opportunity to get their business listed in the search results.

Only around 20% of small businesses have claimed their listings!

I take care of this problem for you by helping you claim and optimize your Google My Business listing for maximum SEO benefit.

Which includes:

  • Complete setup
  • Engaging Business descriptions
  • Accurate information
  • Image & content optimization

Don’t let the competition beat you to the punch!

Get in front of more customers by claiming and optimizing your Google My Business listing today.

Backlinks (Off-Page SEO)


Not many SEOs want to admit that what we’re all basically doing is trying to manipulate Google’s search results for our clients’ benefit.

So it makes sense then that the most difficult strategy to implement to manipulate Google’s search results will be the one that produces the best results.

In my opinion, the number one factor that will make or break your website ranking is backlinks.


Because they’re the hardest to obtain and manipulate.

What are backlinks?


Backlinks are external links on other web pages that point back to your own website.

They’re a signal to Google’s algorithm that you have popular content worth ranking for.

Quality is everything


Your site’s rankings and organic traffic rely on the quality of your backlinks. If you’re considering low-quality links, think again!

It won’t take long before Google detects these bad apples and penalizes your ranking with a manual or algorithmic update to their indexing algorithm.

Getting high-quality backlinks for your website is hard work.

To get the results you want, it takes hours of:






High-quality backlinks are what I specialize in and play a significant role in my small business SEO strategy.

You’re getting:

Foundational Links

Local Citations


Outreach Links


Secret Sauce

My Secret Sauce


It takes a lot of time and effort to create content, reach out to blogs or websites owners, negotiate deals, etc. And most importantly – you never know if your efforts will be successful or not. So why waste time on something so uncertain?

That’s where my secret sauce comes in.

These types of backlinks are some of the strongest links that you can acquire. And they’re responsible for almost every website ranking on the first page of Google in highly competitive industries.

I get your business found online, so you can focus on running it.

Additional Benefits You’ll Enjoy with My Small Business SEO Service:


Get your business on the map (literally)

Improve your organic search engine ranking

Build a strong foundation for future success with high quality links your competitors don’t have access to

Boost your credibility with potential customers and clients

Get more traffic to your website

Increase your customer base

Get your business found by local customers

Build a solid online presence in Google

No outsourcing to keep your website safe and maintain high-quality work

No contracts for your convenience. Pay month-to-month with no long-term obligation

Single point of contact (me) to handle all your needs, so you don’t get stuck talking to a bunch of people and not getting anywhere



SEO prices vary from client to client since there are so many factors that go into it.

This includes…


  • the industry
  • level of competition
  • age and size of the site in question
  • and so much more!

That’s why I’ve decided to change things around a little bit by offering a fixed-price package for small business SEO clients only.

I’m offering my SEO service at my lowest price for you today. Industry, level of competition, and all the other factors don’t matter. Because my processes are the same for every client.

Less than the cost of hiring a junior SEO part-time

For just R6800 per month you’re getting my complete premium affordable SEO service, which will improve your search engine rankings and traffic.

If your website hasn’t reached those coveted top spots in Google at the 6-month mark, I’ll check to see if consistent increases are still being made or if it’s time to scale things up.

Take advantage of affordable SEO today.

Small Business SEO Package

R6 800/month

  • On-page SEO
  • Optimal Site Structure
  • Google My Business Setup & Optimizing
  • High-Quality Backlinks

And it gets better! You’ll get these exclusive bonuses too, FREE of charge!

Premium Bonuses

Branded Social Media and Ad Images


Low-quality images for your social media profiles and online ads can hurt your business because they make you look amateurish. Resulting in poor conversions.

With this FREE bonus:
I’m creating you a starting set of professional images to use for your branding on social media and visual ad campaigns.


Save thousands on having to hire a graphic designer


Avoid amateurish images that reflect poorly on your business


Enjoy consistent branding across all social media platforms to match your new website


Attract and convert more clients with professional ad images

BONUS #2 – VIP Priority & Discount on all other services


As I’m sure you’re aware, only a handful of spots are opened every month for each of my services.

As one of my valued small business SEO clients, you’ll skip the waiting list and enjoy priority access when new openings arise.

You also get special client-only discounts and specials.

Extremely Important FAQ

Do you guarantee first-page results?

Nobody can guarantee any rankings, not even the higher-ups in Google.

The Google algorithm is an elusive, unpredictable beast.

In theory, you can take 2 different websites and implement identical small business SEO strategies to them both. One might end up with an impressive rank on page 1 of Google’s search results, while the other is still lost in obscurity somewhere around page 8.

It’s not even possible to guarantee that I will replicate success for keywords I already rank #1 for.

How soon will I see results?

It’s possible to see results in the first month if your website is a few years old. Whereas brand new websites may not rank for anything in the first 3-4 months.

Google has also slowed things down over the years.

In 2016, I took a client in Cape Town from pages 3 and 4 to the top spots on Google for most of their main keywords, all within 2 weeks.

There are too many variables to give an accurate estimation. However, I’m confident you will start seeing positive movement after the first month.

Am I ready for small business SEO?

It’s easy for me to just say, “yes, you need search engine optimization right now,” and take your money.

However, that wouldn’t be fair to you.

My business model is all about helping you generate a sustainable profit and grow your business.

That’s why I choose to work with only a few clients at a time.

Here are some things you should consider before investing in SEO.

I recommend running Google Ads before SEO. Small business SEO is a long-term strategy, so you shouldn’t expect fast results.

In contrast, Google Ads will produce results soon after the ads are up and running. It will also show you which keywords are converting and making you money, so you can target them in your SEO campaign.

Finally, Google Ads will also alert you to any issues with your content if the ads aren’t converting well.

New websites are often (but not always) placed in what we call “the Google sandbox.” New websites in this space usually won’t rank for anything during their first few months.

This is a way to ensure short-term scam sites don’t appear on search results pages, ruining the user experience and Google’s reputation.

So there’s no need to hire an SEO company right away.

Is your local SEO service strictly White-Hat?

Firstly, I don’t engage in any black-hat SEO practices. Black-hat SEO is low-quality and short-term, whereas my service is primarily focused on long-term sustainable small business SEO.

On-page optimization, URL structure, Google My Business are all strictly white-hat.

However, there’s a lot of hat-colour debate in the SEO world when it comes to backlinks.

Google wants everything to be 100% natural, so any manual outreach could technically be considered going against their service terms.

Leaving you with just foundational and directory links as the only “Google approved” link-building you can do. But we know that relying on these links alone won’t get you anywhere close to page 1 in competitive industries.

So the outreach links and my secret sauce links are definitely not black-hat, but they aren’t strictly white-hat either. You could say they’re white with gray undertones.

I’m completely transparent with my SEO service. It’s no secret that many SEO agencies claim to be 100% white-hat, but the truth is they’re a mix of white and gray.

They just don’t want to admit it.

Your competitors are getting more traffic than you are

Don’t let them get away with it!


Local SEO is hard to do well. It’s time-consuming, and it requires a deep understanding of local search ranking factors. But if done right, it can drive tons of new customers to your business.

I know how important it is to be found online, so I’ll work hard with you every step of the way to make sure your site ranks at the top of Google search results and brings in more website traffic.

Let me help you get your website ranking on the first page of Google for keywords that matter to your business.


Get in touch now and see what my affordable SEO service can do for your business!

I’m fully booked at the moment. Please get in touch below.




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